Image hiking boots

SuperFabric® Performance: Durability

If you’re in search of a material that’s longer lasting, has higher durability and is designed for everything from extreme applications to rugged daily usage, then SuperFabric® is your answer. Thanks to the integration of advanced technology and innovative thinking, fabric now has highly increased potential and possibilities yet to be discovered. SuperFabric® gets used in some of the most demanding applications such as motorcycle apparel, mountaineering gear, and rugged packs.

Case Study: Seating

These chairs were covered at the same time. The vinyl covered chair and a SuperFabric® covered chair were both subjected to continuous use over a 9+ year period. SuperFabric® continues to perform beautifully.

Image vinyl arm rest Image SuperFabric arm rest

Case Study: Footwear

Here is a pair of tactical boots with more than 500 miles of hard running through rain and snow, as well as hot, humid weather. The SuperFabric® material has performed admirably through it all.

Image ALTAI boot Image ALTAI boot

Case Study: Seating | Comfort Delgro

Image bus Image bus seats

Comfort Delgro is a large bus manufacturer based in Singapore. Prior to using SuperFabric®, their bus seats consisted of various vinyl materials. Public transportation puts most materials under difficult, demanding conditions. Fading from UV, constant staining, abrasion and wear all present problems in which vinyl fails. Comfort Delgro began replacing vinyl with SuperFabric® materials in 2010. After more than 5 years, SuperFabric® still looks fantastic.


Image vinyl headrest Image SuperFabric headrest