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SuperFabric® Performance: Abrasion Resistant

The guard plating of SuperFabric® is ready to fend off rock, ice, brush, debris, scuffs, and scrapes. The guard plates don't just look pretty, they perform day in and day out. SuperFabric® materials won't snag like knit fabrics which is especially important in helping to protect against additional injury due to material catching or pulling.

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Many fabrics are used in abrasion resistant applications, but many fail to provide even modest levels of abrasion protections. Well-know abrasion resistant materials such as 500d or 1000d nylon are not a match to the heavier abrasion resistant materials of SuperFabric®.

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There are many abrasion resistant applications that benefit from SuperFabric® materials, including motorcycle apparel (gloves, jackets, pants), scuba equipment, outdoor apparel, covers, bags and packs, seating (automotive, mass transit), industrial safety, and much more.

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