Image squirrel and rat

SuperFabric® Performance: Animal Resistance

Yes, the furry little creatures seem pretty innocent, but they can cause extensive damage to buildings, equipment, gear, food, and more. We have a number of customers that comment on how SuperFabric® has the ability to deter mice, other rodents and small animals from chewing and/or burrowing.


SuperFabric® can be used as covers or wraps to protect wiring, gages, or other sensitive equipment. The rodent protection of SuperFabric® has also been great for backpacks and any other products that may pique a rodent's interest. In general, animals do not like the texture/feel...and ultimately, the taste of SuperFabric® materials.

Ok, below SuperFabric® is put to the test against some rats. Normally, animals won't bother with SuperFabric®. As an incentive to 'test drive' SuperFabric®, a meat treat was placed in an enclosed SuperFabric® material. With 'gloves off', the rats went at it, trying to chew, and claw their way through. The picture below shows the result. A little fraying on the edges, but clearly, superior protection.

Image SuperFabric material


Image rat video