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SuperFabric® Performance: Breathability

Many fabrics tout their ability to be waterproof but fail to mention breathability. In order to have footwear, jackets, pants, etc. to be comfortable in a range of conditions, you need the material to be both water resistant and breathable. A true waterproof material such as rubber certainly keeps the rain and moisture out, but quickly traps moisture/sweat in, resulting in a 'wet/damp' feel and creating a highly uncomfortable situation. SuperFabric® provides a highly balanced solution of water resistance (outside) and breathability (inside). The small gap between guardplates allows flow of air around and through.


Water droplets are much bigger than air molecules. As a result, the combination of water resistance of the base fabric and the waterproof guardplates keep water from penetrating, yet allow complete breathability. In fact, many customers comment on how remarkably breathable products made with SuperFabric® are.

"I love these boots. Been wearing them for 10 months and they are the best boots I have ever worn...I tell everyone these boots are light, super comfortable, waterproof and breathable" - Randy C. (comments on boots made with SuperFabric®)

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