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SuperFabric® Performance: Quick Drying

SuperFabric® drying is the result of a multifaceted structure that quickly dries, while keeping the elements on the outside. When liquid comes in contact with SuperFabric®, the molecules bead up on the surface, instead of being absorbed into the materials. Impervious guard plates, repellent fabric, and optional waterproof breathable membranes are all components of the advanced Speed Dry capabilities found in all SuperFabric® materials.

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SuperFabric® materials simply don’t retain liquid because of the guard plates and breathable design. When testing SuperFabric® materials, we have found that they are able to dry more than 10 times quicker than untreated leather. Dry material means less weight. Dry material means more comfort and the ability to last longer and even in more extreme conditions. Materials such as leather that are constantly exposed to water can rot, deteriorate, and crack, therefore shortening product life and performance. SuperFabric® materials are designed to the elements, resulting in superior performance and products.

Unlike many other materials, SuperFabric® materials are not surface treated; the waterproof, breathable and quick drying fabric design is a result of the complex and innovative construction of our custom created specialty fabrics. Surface treated materials will lose their performance over time as the treatment wears off through use, washing, etc. but the performance of SuperFabric® materials will last long after our chemically sprayed competitor's materials wear out..

If you’re in the market for an advanced fabric creation with limitless potential contact SuperFabric® today. We can get you started on designing the exact custom material needed for your ground-breaking product designs.