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SuperFabric® Performance: Slash/Cut Resistant

SuperFabric® brand materials provide a challenging barrier against a variety of razor-like threats. Precisely placed, small and durable guard plates protect the underlying fabric from being torn or sliced. Unlike some cottons, knits, nylons, etc., SuperFabric® brand materials resist fraying. They also provide a high degree of resistance to scuffs that compromise protection and aesthetics, making them an ideal slash resistant material.

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SuperFabric® materials offer some of the highest scuff and scratch resistance levels available. In addition to offering protection for hands, feet, and body, select materials prove highly resistant to scuffs and scratches. This helps keep products made with SuperFabric® brand materials looking and performing like new. Leather, for example, is easily scuffed and damaged. SuperFabric® materials are much more slash/cut resistant which means far less damage.

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There are many cut resistant applications that benefit from SuperFabric® materials, including industrial safety, outdoor apparel, motorcycle apparel, bags, seating, footwear, and more.

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Case Study: Stable 26

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Stable 26 - Hockey Socks

Severe injury from hockey skates is a real danger hockey players are faced with every time they take the ice and can cut a promising career short. Hard body checks, tough fore checking, scrambling for the puck can lead to blades slashing unprotected areas. Backs of calves are especially vulnerable as there is little protection. Stable 26 utilized SuperFabric® material to provide high resistant cut protection without sacrifice for comfort. A simple solution that is having major impact.

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