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SuperFabric® is used in a variety of markets and applications. Below you will find videos on performance, reviews of products made with SuperFabric®, and more.


SuperFabric® exhibited at the Jan 2020 Shotshow in Vegas, NV and was part of the Suppliers Showcase.  A busy, hectic week, but lots of great interactions, including TV and Radio interviews. Additionally, products made with SuperFabric® materials could be seen throughout, including gloves, pants, and even bomb suits.



This show had a lot of energy and gave an opportunity to showcase the new SuperFabric®-Am99™ line of materials.



Image Shot Show 2017

SuperFabric® was on display in many new products at the Las Vegas Shot Show. Shoes from Lalo, blast suit from Med Eng, and more, featured SuperFabric® materials for high durability and abrasion resistance.

Image LALO shoes Image LALO shoes Image LALO shoes Image LALO shoes Image Med Eng backpack Image Rocky boots Image Rocky boots


unveiled their concept truck (Navara) which uses SuperFabric® materials in the seating. Photos from See the full article.

Image Nissan pickup truck Image Nissan seats


SuperFabric® had a strong showing at the IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) Oct of 2016, including recognition at the show (photo left) and from the number of visitors stopping by the SuperFabric® booth (right).

Image IFAI Image IFAI visitors


The October 2016 issue of Gun World is a look at the TOP FIVE tactical boots. ALTAI boots make this short list. ALTAI boots have a large amount of SuperFabric® to provide abrasion protection, durability, breathability and more. The editor (Ryan Wiedenmeir) notes: "The SuperFabric® upper performed impressively".

Image Gun World article


David Tao takes the NOBULL Trainers for a workout. NOBULL shoes are hitting the cross-fit market hard and almost all of their models feature SuperFabric. As David says "After roughly a month of wear, it had no identifiable marks left on the upper [SuperFabric®], while I expected the back of the sole to wear down a bit, it basically stayed intact. The construction seems simple, but it’s tough". Check out his full review.

Image NOBULL shoe