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SuperFabric® is created by taking a fabric and infusing tiny, hard guard plates into the fabric. An array of colors, patterns (armor), and fabric make the versatility of SuperFabric® unmatched. Because SuperFabric® guard plates have small gaps between each plate, the SuperFabric® remains flexible, similar to traditional materials.

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SuperFabric® materials have some intrinsic performance properties such as abrasion, stain, and slash resistance as well as breathability, quick drying, and durable. Each SuperFabric® material will have varying degrees of performance. Some will be lighter than others or more slash resistant for example. Other properties such as Reflectivity will only be available with select SuperFabric® materials. Talk with our experienced SuperFabric® team who will make sure the best material is chosen for your application.

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SuperFabric® Standard

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With approxiametely 50 standard SuperFabric® materials to choose from, most applications will find a perfect fit. Standard SuperFabric® has the shortest lead times and typically the best pricing. Click here to see all of our standard SuperFabric®.

SuperFabric® Special

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Additional patterns and colors are contained within our SuperFabric® Special selection that can help create a unique touch. Lead times are usually a bit longer than our standard materials. Click here to see our SuperFabric® Special materials.

SuperFabric® Custom

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For those customers wanting something outside of the box, our custom SuperFabric® solutions are sure to please. From the multi color design afforded by our ink subimation to unique patterns or custom color, you will find a solution. Click here for more information.