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SuperFabric® for Motorcycle Apparel

For the highest protection, breathability, comfort, and style capabilities, equip your consumers with the long lasting, moisture wicking, slash and abrasion resistance of SuperFabric®. We can bring your motorcycle product designs from ordinary to leading edge innovation.

♦ HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE: Helps protect rider from injury

♦ WATER RESISTANT: A key feature of any top quality material

♦ AIR BREATHING: Especially important during hot summer days

♦ SLASH/SCUFF RESISTANT: Helps protect rider as well as keeping garment integrity

♦ STAIN RESISTANT: Highly resistant to a variety of stains

♦ SNAG RESISTANT: Helps prevent injury by presenting a smoother, more snag resistant surface


The potential for injury due to a crash is much higher while riding a motorcycle compared with a car.  SuperFabric® material provide high levels of protection and is especially touted for its abrasion resistance. Below is an illustration showing approximate areas of higher risk for injury. It's no coincidence that many motorcycle manufacturers use SuperFabric® materials in these areas.

Below is an illustration showing how the surface of SuperFabric® provides abrasion resistance to the underlying fabric.

Which SuperFabric® is best?

This depends on a number of factors for your particular application and areas of emphasis. It is important to match the particular SuperFabric® material to your application. We recommend CONTACTING your SuperFabric® sales rep.

A FEW Examples of SuperFabric® materials in motorcycle applications

KLIM uses SuperFabric® materials in the shoulders, knees, and elbows of their premium Badlands Pro line.

HELD uses SuperFabric® materials in their Atacama Touring Jacket.

SuperFabric® brand materials offer some of the highest levels of protection for demanding applications such as motorcycle apparel. Being highly abrasion resistant, breathable, and slash resistant make SuperFabric® a natural choice for premium protection. Contact us TODAY, we would love to find the best solution for you.

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