SuperFabric® materials - Specialty

Our SuperFabric® Specialty fabrics add additional designs, patterns and color combinations not present in our standard lineup. CONTACT your SuperFabric® sales rep to check availability

Color: To help with understanding color of SuperFabric® materials, there are a few things that affect the overall (color) appearance of a SuperFabric® material: the guard plate color, the base fabric color, and the guard plate pattern chosen (this will determine how much of the base fabric color shows vs the guard plate color). The guard plates are available in these colors:

Image SuperFabric color chart
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SuperFabric® Advantages

Durable: provides long life even in extreme conditions such as mountaineering

Unique: like no other material in the world

Versatile: use it in virtually any area that needs a performance solution.

Performance: water resistant, breathable, rot resistant, abrasion resistant, and stain resistant

Design: unlimited possibilities of color and patterns

The following are available in SHEET format: