SuperFabric® Advanced Materials

If you’re in search of a material that’s longer lasting, has higher durability, and is designed for everything from extreme applications to rugged daily usage, then SuperFabric® is your answer. Thanks to the integration of advanced technology and innovative thinking, fabric now has highly increased potential and possibilities yet to be discovered. SuperFabric® is being used in ski jackets, pants, motorcycle apparel, arm guards, bus seats, industrial covers, work boots, the FERRARI (599 GTB), upholstery and so much more! We are not simply a fabric company, we are a material science company that is dedicated to turning ordinary fabric into high end, high value and high performance specialty fabrics.

• Abrasion Resistant

• Highly Durable

• Stain Resistant

• Breathable

• Slash Resistant

• Rodent Resistant

• Lots of unique patterns, designs, styles, and colors

Image SuperFabric

SuperFabric® Applications

SuperFabric® has been used in a wide range of applications, found in anything from the scrub pad on your kitchen sponge to the high wear areas on military apparel. SuperFabric® materials are customizable in every aspect, from the protection level desired to the pattern or logo, color, shape, texture, and they can even be reflective. To increase strength, durability and protection in any application you desire, choose from our materials you see online or contact us through our website or at (651)730-6203 and together we can configure a perfect SuperFabric® design.

Latest News

SuperFabric at IFAI Oct. 2018

SuperFabric was a hit at IFAI 2018, with lots of current and new customers stopping by to see the latest in fabric technology.


Grundens with SuperFabric

Grundens line of commercial fishing apparel utilizes SuperFabric® in key performance areas to protect from cuts/slashes and abrasions.
Fishermen love the protection embodied in a very lightweight, breathable material. To learn more visit


Med Engineering Bomb Suit with SuperFabric

Med-Engineering bomb suit utilizes SuperFabric® materials to help protect against fragments, shards, or shrapnel that could occur during
a disarming of a bomb or IED.
To learn more visit


HexArmor Law Enforcement Gloves

HexArmor launches a new line of law enforcement gloves using SuperFabric®. These gloves provide needle stick protection along with cut and
slash resistance. To learn more visit


NoBull shoes with SuperFabric

NoBull continues to create and innovate their CrossFit shoes which feature SuperFabric® over the entire upper. SuperFabric® provides high
abrasion resistance and durability. To learn more visit


Human Octane with SuperFabric

Human Octane utilizes SuperFabric® in their trail running sleaves. SuperFabric® provides abrasion resistance against brush, limbs, and more.

SuperFabric® Recent Applications

Image Ferreri California-T

Ferrari - California-T

2016 Ferrari is releasing the California-T using SuperFabric® brand materials used in the floor mats for superior abrasion resistance, cleanability, and durability.

SuperFabric® in Seating 

Image Bobux shoe

Bobux - Toddler Shoes

Bobux has introduced over a dozen toddler shoes featuring SuperFabric®. SuperFabric® provides abrasion and scuff resistance in the toe area, helping increase product life.

SuperFabric® in Footwear 

Image NOBULL shoe

NOBULL - Cross Training Shoes

NOBULL has introduced more than half a dozen athletic shoes with SuperFabric®. NOBULL uses SuperFabric® across the entire upper to provide high levels of abrasion resistance.

SuperFabric® in Footwear

Image Kolon Sport luggage


KOLON introduces a new piece of luggage covered in SuperFabric®. Luggage takes abuse from handling and transporting. KOLON decided to create an ultra tough suitcase, designed to last.

SuperFabric® in Bags/packs 

Image Kolon Sport jacket


KOLON introduces a frigid weather jacket. SuperFabric® is used in key high abrasion areas. It also provides protection against snow, ice, and harsh terrain.

SuperFabric® in Outdoor 

Image Nissan Navara

NISSAN - Navara

This concept truck from Nissan features SuperFabric® materials used in the seating to provide rugged durability. Visit for complete article.

SuperFabric® in Seating 

SuperFabric® Properties

Image durable

DURABLE: SuperFabric® materials are among the most durable, toughest fabrics in the world. Used in demanding applications such as Motorcycle apparel, mountaineering footwear, and scuba diving, SuperFabric® has it covered. READ MORE.

Image abrasion resistant

ABRASION RESISTANT: SuperFabric® materials can provide very high levels of abrasion resistance. SuperFabric® is used in many abrasion demanding applications such as motorcycle apparel, mountaineering footwear, industrial grade bags/packs, and a lot more. READ MORE.

Image slash resistant

SLASH RESISTANT: SuperFabric® materials can provide very high levels of slash resistance for protecting body, gear, and equipment. READ MORE.

Image breathable

BREATHABLE: SuperFabric® materials allow air to pass in and around the tiny guard plates creating a remarkable air-breathing product. The breathability of a material is a key component in retaining long lasting comfort. READ MORE.

Image stain resistant

STAIN RESISTANT: SuperFabric® materials have high levels of stain resistance. SuperFabric® is very stain resistant to food, grass/dirt, mud, oil and other liquids. This helps to keep products made with SuperFabric® materials looking new and performing at their best. READ MORE.

Image quick drying

QUICK DRYING: SuperFabric® materials dry very quickly. Apparel, bags, packs, and jackets all benefit from the ability of SuperFabric® to dry rapidly. READ MORE.

Image rodent resistant

RODENT RESISTANT: SuperFabric® materials garner a lot of praise for their ability in helping prevent rodents and other small animals from chewing through. SuperFabric® can be used as covers, wrappings, and cases for many applications. READ MORE.