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SuperFabric® Specialty Applications

This is for the creative, the uncategorized, and the unconformable or possibly, the highly specific. If you have a direction for our specialty fabric unlike the rest, we can assist you with a quality SuperFabric® pattern that is exactly what your product needs. With our quality fabric we can help you achieve the distinction, quality and performance you desire for your product and the innovation driving it.

Why SuperFabric® for Specialty Applications?

By their nature, products that fall outside the norm are products that need unique attributes, or perhaps a unique color or design. This is where SuperFabric® stands out in providing a vast array of qualities that is sure to satisfy. Not enough? Customization offers another world of possibilities.

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SuperFabric® Advantages

Durable: provides long life, even in extreme conditions such as mountaineering

Unique: like no other material in the world

Versatile: For lots of conditions and weather.

Performance: water resistant, breathable, rot resistant, abrasion resistant, and stain resistant

Design: unlimited possibilities of color and patterns

A Few SuperFabric® Examples

DIVE-RITE: Scuba Buoyancy Compensators

Compensators are a vital piece of equipment to scuba divers. They have an air bladder which allows air to be added or removed to compensate the buoyancy. SuperFabric® provides protection to the bladder from sharp objects such as rock, coral, and more.

Image buoyancy compensator

SuperCover: Hot Tub Covers

Designed for those wanting more than traditional materials that crack, fade, and are easily cut. SuperFabric® is used over the entire cover body to protect hot tubs from weather, animals, and debris.

Image hot tub cover

Desantis: SuperFly Holster

A Holster with excellent grip and durability designed for those wanting the most technical advancements in small firearm carry

Image gun holster

GizMoVest: Adapt Carrying Case

The GizMoVest Carrying case adapts its shape to firmly and securely hold whatever is placed inside. It features SuperFabric® materials used on the outside to provide extreme durability and rugged look.

Image carrying case